Orange Key 39228135S1


ING Orange Key  39228135S1

Interested in saving money with ING? 
Want $25 for free and need an Orange Key?
Have an Orange Key you want to share?
Want to know how all this works?

This page is dedicated to providing an easy location for all of the above.

ING is a great bank. They have very few fees, no minimums, and high interest rates. In fact, their standard savings account has a higher interest rate than my other bank's (BMO's) highest interest rate account, and without all the limitations and minimums!

So, open an account; there's nothing to lose since they don't charge fees for basic banking!
And when you open your account, use Orange Key 39228135S1 to get $25 for free!

Just go to and follow the simple instructions. It'll guide you to opening the account of your choice.
When asked for your Orange Key, just enter 39228135S1.

The above code definitely works, but if you want a different code, or want to share a code, check out the comments: you're welcome to share your codes there!